Now, I’d just like to make a few points:

1) we all know that Terry Richardson is absolute slime. His camera is, essentially, a murder weapon. Possibly one of the worst human beings currently living. If there’s any guy out there making sure that rape culture stays healthy and well-fertilized, it’s that fucker.

2) we can get mad at pop music all we want. we can complain about Miley Cyrus—call her a whiny, spoiled little idiot all we want. but without pop music, how else would these numerous complications arise? Why are people so afraid of talking through things? Miley has been victimized by an incredibly masculine, incredibly white and privileged heteronormative machine of hypersexuality. Her victimization is seen as “cool” and “trendy” or just something “to talk or laugh about.” Both men and women don’t see this pop celebrity as a victim. This person “deserves what she gets.” This person who told Jimmy Kimmel that the only thing she knows how to do—in life—is perform. How are people not distressed by this? That goes for countless other celebrities too. Why is Anna Nicole Smith an ‘idiot?’ Why is Amanda Bynes an ‘idiot?’ Why is Rihanna an ‘idiot?’ Why is Lady Gaga an ‘idiot?’ Why is Lindsay Lohan an ‘idiot?’ Why do we view these human beings as idiots? Why don’t we see these human beings as victims of elaborate, piggish testosterone? As victims of a boardroom butcher? Instead, both men and women—on Facebook, on twitter, etc. continue to devour their skin and skin color as nothing more than gossip rags…

we exist in a time and a culture in which the only thing ‘in vogue’ is “damage”

3) finally, think about the ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video. if that was a naked ‘guy’ swinging back and forth on a wrecking ball—or if that was a ‘guy’ in his underwear licking a sledgehammer, would it be “slutty” … or would it be “funny” or “hilarious” or just “sexy” or just “stupid?”

if you’re going to shit-talk anyone on facebook—shit-talk Billy Ray. just shit-talk all the Billy Rays out there!/regisl