from David Lynch’s The Air Is on Fire

"I have a longing to recount to you, the pleasure that I find in watching, without stirring from my table, a boy who each day at the same hour comes to lean out a window on the rue d’Alleray. At nine o’clock he opens the window, he wears a small blue bathtowel, or similarly blue underwear; he leans his head on his arms, burying his face in his elbow … hunting for dreams extremely strong, intense, exhausting, leaving him in a great (flute, more blue paper) despondency … And then briskly, he stands up, he sits down at a table where he must read? Write? Type? I do not know; I only see the naked elbow and shoulder; and I ask myself what dreams his eyes have drawn from the fold of his arms, what words or drawings can burst forth; but I tell myself that I am the only one to have seen, from the outside, taking shape and losing shape, the graceful chrysalis where they were born. This morning the window remained closed; in place of which I am writing to you."

-from a letter Michel Foucault wrote to Hervé Guibert on July 28, 1983


The spring issue features great new work by Sylvia Chan, Feng Sun Chen, Mark Decarteret, Christine Friedlander, Jared Joseph, Michael H. Koh, Robert Krut, Rob MacDonald, Neila Mezynski, Jacob Oet, Diana Salier, Amanda Silbernagel, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Cody Todd and collaborative poems by Nick Sturm and Wendy Xu!!

Bri Scala has also curated a special collection of photography by Rebecca Cairns—the same photographer who is responsible for the cover photo.

Doll photographs by Mariel Clayton


Lee Friedlander

“From the 1960s Friedlander started taking photographs of the ‘social landscape’ of the USA, detached images of urban life which, like Pop art works, captured the feel and look of modern society, though often with depressing effect.” -Moma Collection

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